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Mechanical Definitions

Bucket : A cup of a rim of a Peltion wheel against which water mappings. A reversed curve at the toe of a spillway to detect the water horizontally and reduce erosiveness. A container on a lift pump or chain pump. A container on some bulk handling equipment, such as a bucket elevator, bucket dredge, or bucket conveyor. A water outlet in a turbine.

Bucket conveyor : A continues bulk conveyor constructed of a series of buckets attached to one or two stand of chain or in some instances to a belt. It is also called bucket carrier.

Bucket elevator : A bucket conveyor operating on a steep incline or vertical path. It is also known as elevating conveyor.

Bucket excavator : An elevating scraper, that is, one that does the work of a conventional scraper but has a bucket elevator mounted in front of the bowl.

Bucket-ladder dredge : A dredge whose digging mechanism consists of a ladderlike truss on the periphery of which is attached an endless chain riding on sprocket wheels and carrying attached buckets. It is also known as bucket ladder, bucket-line dredge, ladder-bucket dredge, ladder dredge.

Buckingham's equations : Equations which give the durability of gears and the dynamic loads on which they are subjected in terms of their dimensions, hardness, surface endurance, and composition.

Buckstay : A structural support for a furnace wall.

Buhrstone mill : A mill for grinding or pulverizing grain in which a flat siliceous rock (buhrstone), generally of cellular quartz, rotates against a stationary stone of the same material.

Bulk-handling machine : Any of a diversified group of materials-handling machines designed for handling unpacked, divided materials.

Bulk transport : Conveying, hoisting, or elevating systems for movement of solids such as grain, sand, gravel, coal, or wood chips.

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