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Mechanical Definitions

Brake : A machine element for applying friction of a moving surface to slow it down or bring it to rest.

Brake band : The contracting element of the band brake. A band brake is a measuring device for loading a rotating shaft and measuring the torque applied to it.

Brake drum : It is a circular metal component that rotates with the wheel. A set of brake shoes are fixed in position and act on the drum by expanding.

Brake shoe : The renewable friction element of a shoe brake. It is also known as shoe.

Brazed shank tool : A metal cutting tool made of a material different from the shank which is brazed.

Braker cam : A rotating engine driven device in the ignition system of an internal combustion engine which causes the breaker points to open, leading to a rapid fall in the primary current.

Breather pipe : A pipe that opens into a container for ventilation, as in a crankcase or oil tank.

Breathing : A duct through which the products of combustion are transported from the furance to the stack, which can be usually applied in steam boilers.

Bridge trolley : The wheeled attachments at the end of the bridge of an overhead travelling crane, permitting the bridge to move backward and forward on elevated tracks.

Bridgewall : A wall in a furance over which the products of combustion flow.

Brinell Hardness Number : A reference number for comparison of hardness of various materials. It is based on the material made by a 10 mm diameter ball pressed into the material.

Broach : A multiple tooth, barlike cutting tool i.e. the teeth are snaped to give a desired surface or contour, and cutting results from each tooth projecting farther than the proceding one.

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