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Mechanical Definitions

Bull wheel : The main wheel or gear of a machine, which is usually the largest and strongest. A cylinder which has a rope wound about it for lifting or hauling. A wheel attached to the base of a derrick boom which swings the derrick in a verticle plane.

Bumper : A metal bar attached to one or both ends of a powered transportation vehicle, especially an automobile, to prevent damage to the body. In a drilling operation, the supporting stay between the main foundation sill and the engine block. In drilling, a fishing tool for loosening jammed cable tools.

Bundling machine : A device that automatically accumulates can, cartons or glass containers for semiautomatic or automatic loading or for shipping cartons by assembling the packages into units of predetermined count and pattern which are then machine wrapped in paper, film paperboard, or corrugated board.

Buoyancy : The net upward buoyancy force is equal to the magnitude of the weight of fluid displaced by the body. This force enables the object to float or at least to seem lighter.

Burner : A unit of a steam boiler which mixes and directs the flow of fuel and air so as to ensure rapid ignition and complete combustion.

Burton : A small hoisting tackle with two blocks, usually a single block and a double block, with a hook block in the running part of the rope.

Bush : To fit a hollow sleeve into some part in order that it may serve as a bearing. In case of wearing, a new bushing may be applied, avoiding the necessity of replacing an entire part. In general, the insertion of any piece to bring about a reduction of diameter.

Bushing : A removable piece of soft metal or graphite-filled sintered metal, usually in the form of a bearing, that lines a support for a shaft.

Buttress dam : It is a gravity dam resists the loads to which it is exposed due to its mass. The buttresses are thin walls of triangular profile with a sloping upstream face and usually are spaced at equal intervals along the length of the dam.

Butterworth head : A mechanical hose head with revolving nozzles; used to wash down shipboard storage tanks.

Buzz saw : A name often applied to circular saw used in wood working to create shuttering or mechanical structures.

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