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Mechanical Definitions

Bend wheel : A wheel used to interrupt and change the normal path of the conveying or driving medium. It is mostly used to effect a change in direction of conveyor travel from inclined to horizontal or a similar change.

Bladder press : A machine which simultaneously molds and vulcanizes a pneumatic tyre.

Block and tackle : Combination of a rope or other flexible material and independently rotating frictionless pulleys. It is also known as block and fall.

Board drop hammer : A type of drop hammer in which the ram is attached the wooden boards which slide between two rollers, and when the ram falls freely on the forgoing, it is increased by friction between the rotating, rollers. It is also known as board hammer.

Boiler draft : The difference between atmospheric pressure and lower pressure existing in the furance or gas passages of a steam generating unit.

Boiler feed water regulation : Adding of water to the steam generating unit at a rate that commensurate with the removal of steam from the unit.

Boiler heat balance : A boiler heat balance is a method for the thermal energy entering a steam-generating system in terms of its ultimate useful heat absorption or thermal loss.

Boiler tube : A boiler tube is a tube in a boiler that carry water to be heated by the high temperature gaseous products of combustion or that carry combustion products to heat the boiler water that surrounds them.

Bond's law : The work required for the crushing of solid materials (rocks and ore) to the product size and surface area and the lengths of cracks formed. It is also known as Bond's third theory.

Boring bar : A rigid tool holder used to machine internal surfaces.

Bottomed hole : A completed borehole, or a borehole in which drilling operations have been discontinued.

Box header boiler : A horizontal boiler with a front header and rear inclined rectangular header connected by tubes.

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