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Mechanical Definitions

Geared Turbine : A turbine is called Geared Turbine when it is connected to a set of reduction gears.

Gear Hobber : It is a machine which mills gear teeth. The hob's rotational speed has a precise relationship to that of the work.

Gear Meter : A type of meter in which the rotating elements are two meshing gear wheels. It is a type of a positive-displacement fluid quantity meter.

Gearshift : It is the part of the gearbox which has the shift forks and allows the contact from the driver to the synchronization. In other words, it is a device which engages and disengages the gears.

Geissler Pump : It is a type of air pump which uses the principle of Torricellain vacuum. Vacuum is produced by the flow of mercury back and forth between a vertically adjustable and a fixed reservoir in geissler pump.

Geochemical Prospecting : In the search for economic deposits of minerals, petroleum, and natural gases the geochemical and biochemical principles and data are used.

Gibbs Apparatus : A compressed-oxygen breathing apparatus is called Gibbs apparatus which is used by miners.

Gimbaled Nozzle : A nozzle is called Gimbaled Nozzle which is supported on a gimbal.

Gin : It is a hoisting machine in the form of a tripod with a windlass, pulleys and ropes.

Gin Tackle : A tackle which is made for use with a gin.

Glassblowing : It is a glass forming technique which includes inflating the molten glass into a bubble or parison, with the aid of the blowpipe or blow tube.

Glass Heat Exchanger : Any heat exchanger in which glass replaces metal, such as shell-and-tubes, cascade, double pipe, bayonet and coil exchangers.

Glass Pot : It is a crucible which is used to make small amounts of glass.

Glow Plug : It is a small heating device which is used to aid the diesel engine in starting.

Grab : An instrument is used to extricate broken boring tools from a borehole is called Grab.

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