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Mechanical Definitions

Grinding Ratio : The ratio of the volume of ground material removed from the workpiece to the volume which is removed from the grinding wheel.

Grit Chamber : A chamber which removes sand, gravel or other heavy solids that have subsiding velocities or specific gravities substantially greater than those of the organic solids in waste water.

Grommet : A metal washer or eyelet is a metal, plastic, or rubber ring which is inserted into a hole made through another material. It is soaked in a packing material and used under bolt and nut heads to preserve tightness.

Grooving Saw : It is a circular saw which is used to cut grooves.

Ground Controller : An Aircraft controller who directs aircraft on the ground and in the air.

Grouser : It is a temporary pile or a heavy iron-shod pole which is driven into the bottom of a stream to hold a drilling or dredging boat or other floating object in position.

Grout Curtain : It is a row of vertically drilled holes filled with grout under pressure to form the cutoff wall under a dam. It is also used to form a barrier around an excavation through which water cannot seep or flow.

Grout Hole : It is one of the holes in a grout curtain. Any hole into which grout is forced under pressure to consolidate the surrounding earth or rock formation.

Grout Pipe : It is a pipe which transports grout under pressure for injection into a grout hole or a rock formation.

Gudgeon : Same as gudgeon, wrist pin or piston pin. It is a circular fitting often made of metal which is fixed onto some surface. A gudgeon pin is used to join the small end of a connecting rod to a piston or crosshead in engines.

Guide Bearing : It is a plain bearing which is used to guide a machine element in its lengthwise motion, usually without rotation of the element. On the casing, it carries the seating for its attachment in the borehole of the gear box.

Guide Pin : A pin is called Guide Pin which is used to line up die or a tool with the work.

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