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Mechanical Definitions

Grab Dredger : Dredging equipment comprising a grab or grab bucket that is suspended from the job held of a crane.

Gradall : It is a hydraulic backhoe(excavator) which is equipped with an extensible boom. It is used to excavate, backfill and grade.

Gradienter : It is an attachment which is placed on a surveyor's transit to measure angle of inclination in terms of the tangent of the angle.

Grate : It is made of closely spaced bars. It is a support for burning solid fuels while allowing combustion air to rise up the fuel from beneath and ashes to fall away from the burning fuel.

Gravel Pump : A pump used to pump a mixture of gravel and water and it is a centrifugal pump with renewable impellers and lining.

Gravity Chute : It is a gravity conveyor in the form of an inclined plane, trough or framework which depends on sliding friction to control the rate of descent.

Gravity Conveyor : It is an unpowered conveyor such as a gravity chute or a roller conveyor that uses the force of gravity to move materials over a downward path.

Gravity Cover : A type of cover which achieves bottom penetration slowly as a result of gravitational force acting upon mass.

Gravity Prospecting : The process of identifying and mapping the distribution of rock mass of different specific gravity by means of a gravity meter.

Grease Gun : It is a small device which pumps grease under pressure into bearings. It is used to apply lubricant to a specific point through an aperture.

Grease Seal : It is a type of seal which is used on floating pistons of some hydro pneumatic recoil systems to prevent leakage past the piston of gas or oil. It is also used in cylinders of some hydro pneumatic equilibrators. It is used to retain grease in a case or housing as on an axle shaft.

Grid-rectification Meter : It is a type of vacuum-tube voltmeter in which the grid and cathode of a tube act as a diode rectifier, and the rectified grid voltage, amplified by the tube, operates a meter in the plate circuit.

Grinder : It is a machine which grinds such as a pulverizer or a grinding wheel.

Grinding Mill : It is designed to break solid materials into small pieces. It consist a cylindrical drum where the material is fed into.

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