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Mechanical Definitions

Guide Post : It is a post along a road which bears direction sings or guide boards.

Gun Burner : It is a burner that sprays liquid fuel into a furnace or combustion.

Gun Lathe : It is a large lathe which is used for turning and boring cannons.

Gun-type Burner : An oil burner that uses a nozzle to atomize the fuel. It is very flexible and can be used within a large range of applications, from relatively small residential heaters to larger industrial heating applications.

Guy : It may be a rope or wire securing a pole, derrick or similar temporary structure in a vertical position. One end of the rope is attached to the structure and the other is anchored to the ground at a distance from the structure's base.

Gyro Horizon : A gyroscopic instrument that indicates the lateral and longitudinal attitude of the airplane by simulating the natural horizon.

Guy Rope : Galvanized rope consisting of 6 strands, 7 wires each and a hemp core. It is designed to add stability to structures.

Gyratory Screen : It is a boxlike machine with a series of horizontal screens nested in a vertical stack with downward-decreasing mesh-opening sizes, near-circular motion causes undersized material of sift down through each screen in succession.

Gyropendulum : It is a gravity pendulum which is attached to a rapidly spinning gyro compass system.

Gyroscopic-clinograph Method : A method is called Gyroscopic-clinograph Method when it is used in borehole surveying which measures time, temperature and temperature on 16-millimetre film while a gyroscope maintains the casting on a fixed bearing.

Gyroscopic/Coriolis-type Mass Flowmeter : An instrument consisting of a C-shaped pipe and T-shaped leaf-spring turning fork which is excited by an electromagnetic forcer, resulting in an angular deflection of the pipe which is directly proportional to the mass-flow rate within the pipe.

Gyroscopic Couple : The turning moment that opposes any change of the inclination of the axis of gyroscope's rotation, is called Gyroscopic Couple.

Gyro Wheel : A rapidly spinning wheel in a gyroscope is called Gyro Wheel which resists being disturbed.

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