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Mechanical Definitions

Dall tube : Measurement device for fluid-flow, similar to a venturi tube, inserted as a section of a fluid-carrying pipe. Flow rate is measured by pressure drop across a restricted throat.

Dead axle : An axle that carries a wheel but does not drive it.

Deadman's handle : A handle on a machine designed so that the operator must continuously press on it in order to keep machine running.

Dead-stroke : Having a recoilless or nearly recoilless stroke.

Dehumidification : This is a process of reducing the moisture in the air. This serves to increase the cooling power of air.

Deposit gage : The general name for instruments used in air pollution studies for determining the amount of material deposited on a given area during a given time.

Detent : A catch or lever in a mechanism which initiates or locks movement of a part, especially in escapement mechanisms.

Dewaterer : Wet type mechanical classifier (solids separator) in which solids settle out of the carrier liquid and are concentrated for recovery.

Diagonal stay : A diagonal member between the tube sheet and shell in a fire tube boiler.

Dial press : A punch press with dial feed.

Diaphragm compressor : Device for compression of small volumes of a gas by means of a reciprocally moving diaphragm, in place of pistons or rotors.

Die blade : A deformable member attached to a die body which determines the slot opening and is adjusted to produce uniform thickness across plastic film or sheet.

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