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Mechanical Definitions

Disk sander : A machine that uses a circular disk coated with abrasive to smooth or shape surfaces.

Displacement pump : Displacement pump is a pump that develops its action through the alternate filling and emptying of an enclosed volume as in a piston cylinder construction.

Donkey engine : A small auxiliary engine which is usually portable or semi portable and powered by steam, compressed air, or other means, particularly one used to power a windlass to lift cargo on shipboard or to haul logs.

Dorr agitator : A tank used for batch washing of precipitates which cannot be leached satisfactorily in a tank, equipped with a slowly rotating rake at the bottom, which moves settled solids to the center, and an air lift that lifts slurry to the launders. It can also be termed as Dorr thickner.

Double-crank press : A mechanical press with a single wide slide operated by a crankshaft having two crank pins.

Double-roll crusher : A machine which crushes materials between teeth on two roll surfaces. It can be used mainly for coal.

Downdraft carburetor : A carburetor in which the fuel is fed into a downward current of air.

Draft tube : The piping system for a reaction type hydraulic turbine that allows the turbine to be set safely above tail water and yet utilize the full head of the site from head race to tail race.

Drag chain : A chain dragged along the ground from a motor vehicle chassis to prevent the accumulation of static electric.

Drag cut : A drill hole pattern for breaking out rock, in which angled holes are drilled along a floor toward a parting, or on a free face and then broken by other holes drilled into them.

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