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Mechanical Definitions

Drill vice : A vice used on the table of a drill press for holding work to be drilled.

Drive : The means by which the machine is given motion or power, or by which power is transferred from one part of a machine to another.

Drive pulley : The pulley that drives a conveyor belt.

Drive shaft : A shaft which transmits power from a motor or engine to the rest of a machine.

Drop bar : A bar that guids sheets of paper into a printing or folding machine.

Drum brake : A brake in which two curved shoes fitted with heat and wear-resistant linings are forced against the surface of a rotating drum.

Drum cam : A device consisting of a drum with a contoured surface which communicates motion to a cam follower as the drum rotates around an axis.

Drum gate : A movable crest gate in the form of an arc hinged at the apex and opperated by reservoir pressure to open and close a spillway.

Dry pipe : A perforated metal pipe above the normal water level in the stem space of a boiler which which prevents moisture or extraneous matter from entering steam outlet lines.

Dry sieving : Dry sieving is a particle size distribution analysis of powdered solids. The sample is placed on the top sieve screen of a nest, with mesh openings decreasing in size from the top to the bottom of the nest.

Drzwiecki theory : In theoretical investigations of windmill performance a theory concerning the air forces produced on an element of the blade.

Duckbill : A shanking type of combination loader and conveyor whose loading end is generally shaped like a duck's bill.

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