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Mechanical Definitions

Dumwaiter : An industrial elevato which carries small objects but is not permitted to carry people.

Dump bucket : A large bucket with movable discharge gates at the bottom used to move soil or other construction materials by a crane or cable.

Duplex pump : A reciprocating pump with two parallel pumping cylinders.

Duplex tandem compressor : A compressor having cylinders on two parallel frames connected through a common crank-shaft.

Dust separator : Device or system to remove dust from a flowing stream of gas. It includes electrostatic precipitators, wet scrubbers, bag filters, screens and cyclones.

Duty cyclometer : Test meter which gives direct reading of duty cycle.

Dwell : Dwell is a part of a cam that allows the cam follower to remain at maximum lift for a period of time. A pause in the application of pressure to a mold.

Dyecrete process : A process of adding permanent color to concrete with organic dyes.

Dynamic compressor : A compressor which uses rotating vanes or implelers to impart velocity and pressure to the fluid.

Dynamic stability : A stability which tends to steady an airplane after it has been distributed in its steady motion during flight.

Dyne : A unit of force that will accelerate a particle having a mass of one gram, one centimeter per second square. Derived from the greek word of power.

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