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Mechanical Definitions

Die holder : A die holder is used to hold the die for cutting external threads manually like on pipes.

Diesel index : Diesel index is a diesel fuel rating, based on their ignition qualities. High quality fuel has a high index number.

Differential screw : A type of compound screw which produces a motion equal to the difference in motion between the two component screws.

Dipper dredge : A power shovel resembling a grab crane mounted on a flat bottom boat for dredging under water. It can also be termed as dipper shovel.

Direct-connected : The connection between a driver and a driven part, as a turbine and an electric generator, without intervening speed changing devices. Eg: Gears.

Direct-coupled : Joined without intermediate connections.

Direct extrusion : Extrusion by movement of ram and product in the same direction against a die office.

Discharge-tube leak indicator : Using this device we can detect the presence of a tracer gas by using a glass tube attached to a high voltage source. The presence of leaked gas is indicated by the color of the electric discharge.

Disk centrifuge : A centrifuge with a large bowl having a set of disks that separate the liquid into thin layers to create shallow setting chambers.

Disk engine : A rotating, engine in which the piston is a disk.

Disk grinder : A grinding machine that employs abrasive disks.

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