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Mechanical Definitions

Dragline scraper : A machine with a flat, plowlike blade or partially open bucket pulled on rope for withdrawing piled material, such as stone or coal, from a stockyard to the loading platform. The empty bucket is subsequently returned to the pile of material by means of a return rope.

Draught : The draught is called Natural Draught when it is produced by a chimney and the draught is called Artificial Draught when it is produced by steam jets or mechanical fans.

  • Induced Artificial Draught : In this draught fan is mounted at the exit from chimney, sucking gases through boiler furnace.
  • Forced Artificial Draught : In this draught air is forced by a fan to pass through boiler furnace and ultimately to atmosphere.

Drawbar pull : The force with which a locomotive or tractor pulls vehicles on a drawbar behind it.

Dredging : Dredging is a process of removing solid matter from the bottom of a water area.

Drill carriage : A platform or frame on which several rock drills are mounted and which moves along a track, for heavy drilling in large tunnels. It can also be termed as jumbo.

Drilling machine : A device, usually motor driven, fitted with an end cutting tool that rotated with sufficient power either to create a hole or to enlarge an existing hole in a solid material. It can also be termed as driller.

Drill log : A Drill log is a record of the events and features of the formations penetrated during boring. It can also be termed as boring log. A record of all occurrences of all occurrences during drilling that might help in a complete logging of the hole or in determining the cost of the drilling.

Drill sleeve : A tapered, hollow steel shaft designed to fit the tapered shank of a cutting tool to adapt it to the drill press spindle.

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