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Mechanical Definitions

Pairing Element : Any one part of two machine parts which is connected to permit motion is called pairing element.

Pancake Engine: It is a compact engine which has cylinders arranged readily.

Pan Crusher : It is a solids-reduction device with one or more grinding wheels or millers revolving in a pan containing the material to be pulverized. Either the pan or the millers may be stationary with the other driven.

Paper Machine: It is a synchronized series of mechanical devices used to transform a dilute suspension of cellulose fibers into a dry sheet of paper.

Parallel Linkage : It is a linkage system in which reciprocating motion is amplified.

Parsons-stage Steam Turbine : It is a steam turbine with a reaction-type stage in which the pressure drop occurs partially across the stationary nozzles and partly across the rotating blades.

Paver : Any one of several machines which moves along the road, carry and lay paving material.

Pebble Mill : It is a solids size-reduction device which has a cylindrical or conical shell rotating on a horizontal axis. Also it has a grinding medium such as balls of flint, steel, or porcelain.

Pepdoor : It is a small door in a furnace having a glass opening by which combustion may be observed.

Pellet Mill : It is a type of mill which is used to create cylindrical pellets from a mixture of dry powdered feedstock as flour, sawdust, or grass, and a wet ingredient as molasses or steam. The pellets are made by compacting the mash or meal into many small holes in a die.

Pendulum Saw : It is a circular saw which swings in a vertical arc for crosscuts.

Penetration Rate : The actual rate of penetration of drilling tools is called penetration rate.

Percussion Bit : It is a rock-drilling tool having chisel-like cutting edges, which when driven by impacts against a rock surface which drills a hole by a chipping action.

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