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Mechanical Definitions

Properties for Material Selection

Propulsion : The process of driving or propelling is called propulsion as in jet propulsion.

Protected Coating : It is a function by virtue of the interposition of a continuous physical barrier between the coated surface and its environment.

Puddle : In puddling furnace the batch of puddling iron is called puddle.

Pull Broach : It is a tool which is used for cutting internal grooves or finishing holes of some shape by being pulled by the work.

Puller : It is a mechanical or hydraulic device used to remove parts which are tightly fitted. Wheel puller, gear puller for example. Puller removes parts by pulling action.

Pulley : It is a device designed to lift heavy loads by using less force.

Pulley Block : It is a sheave or series of pulleys which are enclosed between metal or wooden side plates that carry the shaft or pin on which pulleys revolve.

Pulley Lathe : It is a lathe which is used for turning either a straight or crowned face on pulleys.

Pulley Tap : It is a tap having a very long shank and used to tap setscrew holes in the hubs of pulleys.

Pull Pin : It is a device which is used to throw mechanical parts in or out of gear, or to shift in or away from a fixed relative position.

Pulsation Welding : It is a spot, projection or steam welding in which the welding current is interrupted one or more times without release of pressure or change of location of electrodes. It is also called Multiple-impulse Welding.

Pump : It is a machine which is used for lifting or moving liquids, gases or slurries by a bucket or a piston working in the cylinder. It moves liquids or gases from lower pressure to higher pressure, and overcomes this difference in pressure by adding energy to the system, as a water system.

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