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Mechanical Definitions

Pressure : It is an effect which occurs when a force is applied on a surface of an object. Symbol of pressure is p (lower case).

Pressure Angle : The angle which is made by the line of force with a line at right angles to the center line of two gears at the pitch points.

Pressure-containing Member : It is a part of a pressure-relieving device and the device is in direct contact with the pressurized medium in the vessel being protected.

Pressure Plate : It is a part of an automobile disk clutch which presses against the flywheel.

Pressure-retaining Member : It is a part of a pressure-relieving device which is loaded by the restrained pressurized fluid.

Primary Air : It is a portion of the combustion air which is introduced with the fuel in a burner.

Prime Mover : It is a component of a power plant which is used to transform energy from the thermal or the pressure form to the mechanical form. Such as a tractor or truck, usually with four-wheel drive used for hauling tasks.

Priming Pump : It is a device on motor vehicles and tanks which injects a spray of fuel into the engine to facilitate starting.

Profiling Machine : It is a machine that is used for milling irregular profiles. The contour of a model guides the cutting tool.

Progression : It is a sequence of numbers or quantities in which there is always the same relation between each quantity and the one succeeding it. It is also called a Series.
  • Arithmetic Progression : It is a sequence in which each number after the first is formed by adding a constant to the preceding number. In other words, all the numbers in sequence are connected by a common difference.
    For example 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, . . .

  • Geometric Progression : It is a sequence in which all the consecutive numbers are connected by a common ratio. For example 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, . . .

  • Harmonic Progression : It is a sequence of the reciprocals of consecutive numbers from an arithmetic progression. For example 1, 1/3, 1/5, 1/7, 1/9, . . .

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