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Mechanical Definitions

Planetary Gear Train : It is an assembly of meshed gears which has a central gear, a coaxial internal or ring gear and one or more intermediate pinions which are supported on a revolving carrier.

Planet Gear : A pinion is called a planet gear which is placed in planetary gear train.

Plate Coil : It is a heat-transfer device which is made from two metal sheets which are held together, one or both plates embossed to form passages between them to flow through for a heating or cooling medium. It is can be termed as Panel Coil.

Plunge Grinding : The method of grinding is called plunge grinding in which the wheel moves readialy toward the work.

Pneumatic Control Valve : It is a valve in which the force of compressed air against a diaphragm is opposed in order to control the area of the opening for a fluid stream by the force of a spring.

Pneumatic Drill : It is a type of drill which is a portable percussive drill operated by compressed air. It is also known as Jackhammer.

Pneumatic Hammer : It is a hammer in which compressed air is utilized to produce the impacting blow.

Pole Air Lift Pump : It is a pistonless pump in which compressed air fills the annular space surrounding the uptake pipe and is free to enter the rising column at all points of its periphery.

Polar Timing Diagram : It is a diagram of the events of an engine cycle which is relative to crankshaft position.

Pole Lathe : It is a simple lathe in which the work is rotated by a cord that is attached to a treadle.

Polishing Roll : It is a roll or a series of rolls on a plastics mold with highly polished chrome-plated surfaces. It is designed to produce a smooth surface on a plastic sheet as it is extruded.

Poppet valve : It is a valve with a hole usually round or oval, and a tapered plug usually a disk shape on the end of a shaft. It is also known as a Valve Stem.

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